Greenplate® 300 Inbench Retrofit Unit with Welded Lid

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Greenplate® 300 Inbench Retrofit Unit with Welded Lid

BBQ Cooking Appliance. Extra Low 1.8kw, saving up to 50% power, 240 volt mains power converts via a transformer to only 24 volts at the cook plate (SAFE), patented design. Child safety feature, adjustable 320 degree cooking temperature,
LDX Duplex 2205 stainless steel cookplate (non-warping), no hard wiring required.

Featuring our patented, energy-efficient 1.8kW heating element and a mono-pressed duplex stainless steel hot plate, the Inbench BBQ Hotplate delivers the ultimate outdoor cooking experience with exceptional safety, reliability and durability.

Greenhouse Friendly | Energy Efficient 

Key Features:
  • Australian Patent Number 761137 Greenplate proprietary 1.8kW element draws up to 50% less energy than competitor brands and offers considerable reductions in emissions and power costs
  • Low-Voltage at the hotplate ensures maximum operational safety – AC/Mains power is converted to DC 24V by In-Built Toroidal Transformer
  • PID Digital Temperature Control for even heat distribution and consistent temperature control
  • MOSFEET semiconductor technology allows virtually instantaneous power adjustments for heat loss
  • Digital temperature control module with built-in cycle counter – Adjustable 50°C – 400°C  – Factory preset at 320°C
  • Operates on single 10AMP circuit with 20AMP RCBO (C-Curve Type A)
  • Available in 230VAC/7.8AMP or 200VAC/9AMP, 50/60Hz self-selecting
  • Under and over voltage protection with consumer reset via push button
  • 28 Minute cooking cycle – adjustable at time of ordering
  • Mono-pressed, Stainless Steel Hotplate with exceptional resistance to corrosion and warping
  • Push and hold for 6 second to Start child safety feature with 5 second push and hold for Off
  • Quick release hold down bracket for rapid removal of barbecue in flood or bush fire situations.
  • University/NATA tested and accredited
  • Dimensions: 
  • Overall Hotplate Size – 540mm (L)  X 540mm (W) x 357mm (H)
  • Cooking Surface Area – 410mm X 410mm
  • Required Cut-Out – 490mm (L) X 490mm (W) x 357mm (H)
  • Weight – 42KG
  • Warranty:  1 year on manufacturing defects for parts only



Greenplate Finalist - Australia By Design Innovation

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